Hi! My name is Alessio Di Leo, I was born in 1991 and I am currently based in Rome, Italy. I always loved technology, computers and the “digital world” in general, and even during the high school period, I was fond of computer and design. However, it was only after the completion of the University studies in Business Strategy, which happened almost 3 years ago, that I have realized what I would have liked to do in my life. Since then I decided to daily improve my skill with the goal of reaching ambitious objectives meanwhile working in one of the biggest technology consulting companies in the world. Here I was part of large-scale national projects such as the CRM redesign for a national public lighting system and the launch of a smart home solution in the residential market. During this period, I did a lot of apprenticeships, but also necessary and inevitable mistakes that I managed to transform into excellent lessons. These made me mature on a personal and professional level.

Today what really drives me is the aiming of improving people lives through digital: I’m more and more convinced that this is my personal happiness.

Outside of work, you can often find me playing basketball, traveling and playing the guitar. I also enjoyed reading about Economics or Psychology and listen to an unhealthy amount of podcasts and watching YouTube videos.